Monday, May 16, 2016

Smile, Everyday!

Smile, everyday!  Smile, and you could live longer!  Studies have shown that smiling has positive benefits for both your physical and mental health; that smiling releases endorphins and serotonin – which will naturally help to reduce inflammation and pain.  In fact, smiling is a powerful immune booster and mood stabilizer.   Happy people live longer! 

Here are 10 reasons why you should SMILE everyday:

  1. Smiling relieves stress
  2. Smiling makes us look younger
  3. Smiling elevates our mood
  4. Smiling helps us stay positive
  5. Smiling makes us attractive
  6. Smiling is contagious
  7. Smiling lowers our blood pressure
  8. Smiling makes us feel good
  9. Smiling boosts our immune system
  10. Smiling makes us seem successful

A research team led by Elizabeth Lawrence of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill published a study documenting, the happier you are, the better your chances of living a longer life.  Happiness appears to be inversely related to perceived stress and may protect against illness through better immune response.  

Bottom line, keep smiling – it’s good for you.  And if you are looking to improve your smile, call us at 812-332-9269 or 800-595-9269 to schedule your Complimentary Consultation and Create your Healthy Hoosier Smile! :)

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