Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Safeguarding Your Smile! :)

In our office, we are ALL about safeguarding your smile, and keeping our patients' smiles healthy!  We believe in providing the highest-quality of care to our patients and we are committed to using the highest-quality treatment options to ensure healthy smiles.  That's why we use Opal Seal.  

Opal Seal is an advanced bond enhancing primer from Opal Orthodontics and is much like the protective dental sealant used by your general dentist, acting as a barrier to plaque.   It is used to prepare the teeth before we put your braces on and has the ability to deliver a constant, safe, low dose of fluoride to the enamel throughout your orthodontic treatment.  Along with excellent oral hygiene, Opal Seal will effectively improve your enamel health.

Here are 5 important ways Opal Seal helps to safeguard healthy smiles:

  • Fluoride Releasing
  • Maintaining Enamel Hardness
  • Nonporous Barrier between plaque and enamel
  • Esthetic Appearance since it is nearly invisible
  • Fluorescence with a black light, which makes it easy to see during routine checkups

We encourage all of our patients to ask questions about how to keep your teeth clean and your mouth healthy during your orthodontic treatment.  We want to protect against decalcification (unsightly, white stains from poor oral hygiene) marks and Safeguard your Smile!! :)

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