Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fathers are Special!!

On Father's day this year I want to thank all the dads who make a difference in their children's lives. We love to see fathers taking an active role in the lives of their kids. We see dads everyday in our office that have a positive influence on our patients. They are involved and it shows.  Having a father understand the treatment  aids us by actively encouraging compliance with treatment.  A little fatherly persuasion is always helpful in obtaining a successful treatment outcome. Of course it only works when the relationship is developed over many years, with a lot of love and sacrifice. This bond is a wonderful thing that cannot be bought or demanded, but earned with great time and effort.  A great father is certainly not perfect, but their love and devotion to their children is never questioned.

I can honestly say that I have been blessed with the gift of a wonderful father. He has taught me so much that I could never catalogue all the lessons; If I was wiser as a child I would have. It would be an excellent manual on how to be a father, a book we are never given.  Lessons like these are learned through experience and are often felt in the heart not analyzed in the mind. He showed me I can do anything. Never be afraid to attempt things, if you are prepared and put the effort in to it, you will be successful. I may not get the outcome that I desired but I would be better off.  No experience is a bad experience unless you let it be. He instilled a tremendous work ethic in me that began in 8th grade when I cleaned the office on the weekends, continued with working in the lab in high school and college, to finally treating patients after finishing my orthodontic training. Every task no matter how small was important and if you did the work you owned the outcome. His wealth of orthodontic experience was a tremendous advantage for me when I joined the practice as a new graduate in 1989. I was amazed by how little I knew when I arrived after 6 years of dental/orthodontic school. He certainly has been the biggest influence on making me the clinician I am today. Most importantly he showed me how to treat people and not just straighten teeth. To place the patient first, serve them and treat them as you would want to be treated. We are partners with a common goal. If your service to them is the driving force in your practice then you will sleep well at night. 

I will finish with a big thank you to  all the fathers out there doing their best. Keep the focus on the right sight and I hope you sleep well at night!

Dr. Kevin

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Make an Investment in YOU!!


A confident, radiant smile is within your reach!  Your smile is one of the most important things you can invest in-nothing else can make you feel as good about yourself as having a beautiful smile.  Not only can properly positioned teeth improve your smile, they will also enhance your facial appearance and improve your self-esteem and self-confidence.  What more could you want?

The one thing that you are probably asking now though is...How much will this cost me?  There are many factors that determine the cost of your Orthodontic/Invisalign/Accelerated Orthodontic treatment:  how complex the issues you want corrected are; how long your treatment plan will take, and the specific treatment details required, as prescribed by Dr. Kevin.  We want you to be able to have this amazing treatment, so we offer a variety of payment plans designed to make treatment affordable for your needs. 


  • A courtesy discount is applied to treatment paid in full by cash, check, or credit card
  • In-office, no interest, monthly payment plan
  • Payment plans using your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flex Plans
  • Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards accepted
  • Most insurance plans accepted
  • Affordable payment options with CareCredit

There are many differences between traditional Orthodontics and Invisalign-pros and cons for both.  However, in our office, you pay for a beautiful, healthy smile, not the way you get there.  So our traditional Orthodontic treatment and Invisalign treatment cost the same.  We want you to make the decision that is best for your lifestyle and teeth, so call us today at 812-332-9269 for your free consultation to discuss what treatment options are best for you!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What to eat to keep your teeth

What to eat to keep your teeth

Today’s nutritional approaches to oral health go beyond “don’t eat sugar.”

Good nutrition “Adequate nutrition is important in disease prevention, and nutritional counseling is becoming an increasingly important tactic in preventive dentistry,” says Ken Sutherland, DDS, senior dental consultant at Delta Dental. “The quality and consistency of foods, their nutritional composition and the combinations in which they are eaten can affect oral health, including the likelihood of tooth decay,” he adds.
Ongoing research indicates that antioxidants and other nutrients found in fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts may strengthen immunity and improve the body’s ability to fight bacteria and inflammation, all of which can help protect the teeth and gums. And some foods and dietary habits even have distinct effects on the mouth’s ability to handle cavity-causing bacteria attacks.
For example:
  • Calcium-fortified juices, milk and other dairy products are rich in calcium and vitamin D and help promote healthy teeth and bones, reducing the risk for tooth loss. Adding powdered milk to cooked dishes helps those who don’t like milk or cheese to get some of the calcium needed to protect teeth and jawbones.
  • Cheese unleashes a burst of calcium that mixes with plaque and sticks to the teeth, protecting them from the acid that causes decay and helping to rebuild tooth enamel on the spot.
  • Crisp fruits and raw vegetables, like apples, carrots and celery, help clean plaque from teeth and freshen breath.
  • Antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin C, and other nutrients from fruits and vegetables help protect gums and other tissues from cell damage and bacterial infection.
  • Recent studies indicate that fresh cranberries interrupt the bonding of oral bacteria before they can form damaging plaque.
  • Folic acid promotes a healthy mouth and supports cell growth throughout the entire body. This member of the B vitamin family is found in green leafy vegetables and brewer’s yeast.
You may already know that cavity-causing organisms feed on the sugar in foods such as soda, chocolate milk and candies and convert it to acid, which attacks tooth enamel and causes tooth decay.
  • But did you know that acidic foods and drinks can wear away your enamel, leaving your teeth sensitive, cracked and discolored?

Timing is everything

A diet that promotes good oral health is not just about the foods you eat or avoid — when and how you eat them is equally important.
  • Foods that take a long time to chew or that you hold in your mouth (such as cough drops) can damage teeth as they retain sugar in the mouth longer than do other foods.
  • Instead of snacking on sugary, carbohydrate-rich or acidic foods throughout the day, eat these foods just during meal times in order to minimize the amount of time teeth are exposed to acid. In addition, the body produces more saliva to help digest larger meals, which washes away more food and helps neutralize harmful acids before they can attack teeth.